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Al Madina Exim Provides You All The Kinds Of Products With Surety And Guaranteed Satisfaction For Its Consumer.

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Today In The 21st Century, Our Consumers Mainly Believe In Al Madina Exim Because Of Our High Quality Of Products, And Our Products Range With Best Prices, Packaging & Packings, And The Main Reason For Its All-Time Availabilities And On-Time Arrival Proceedings. We Are Different From The Market Because We Assure Society The Best And Most Guaranteed Products.


It Only Contains Natural Ingredients.

Fresh & Healthy

As Being Not Spoiled Or Not Preserved.

100% Organic

Natural Products.

long durabilty machinery products

Our Machinery Products Guarantee With Its Long Life.

textiles & ceramic

With High Ranges Of Designs, Newly Production And Latest Options.


All Kinds Of Medicines And Equipment With Safely Productions.


Fresh Vegetables

We Are A Well-Known Provider Of Fresh Vegetables From Gujarat. We Make Available Different Varieties Of Fresh Vegetables Like Fresh Okra, Fresh Carrot, Fresh Green Chilli, Fresh Onion And Fresh Potato. Our Fresh Vegetables Are Cultivated Using Excellent Quality Manures And Seeds.


Fresh Fruits

Fruits Are A Rich Source Of Essential Vitamins, Minerals And Natural Fibers. We Are Recognized As A Reputed Provider Of Fresh Fruits From Gujarat. We Offer Different Varieties Of Fresh Fruits Like Fresh Banana, Fresh Pomegranate, Fresh Papaya And Fresh Mango.


Dry Fruits

As Dry Fruits Are Highly Natural And Healthy, Their Use Is Growing Daily In Today’s Market. Al Madina Exim Provides You With All Kinds Of Ranges Of Dry Fruits With Its Colossal Worldwide Range.


Fresh Onion

Buyers Can Avail A Variety Of Fresh Onion From Us. We Are A Well-Established Name As A Fresh Onion Manufacturer, Exporter And Supplier In Gujarat, India. All Our Onion Variants Are A Rich Source Of Potassium, Vitamin C, Dietary Fiber And Folic Acid. We Only Deal In Fresh Onion, Which Is Hygienically Packed In Quality Materials.


Whole Spices

Whole Spices Are Used In Eatables, Medicines, Perfumes And Various Cosmetic Products. We Are A Gujarat-Based Company Engaged In Providing Superior Grade Whole Spices. We Offer Different Varieties Of Whole Spices Like Cumin Seeds, Coriander Seeds, Turmeric Finger And Dried Red Chilli.


Food Grains

Owing To Our Rich Industry Experience, We Are Among The Eminent Manufacturers, Exporters And Suppliers Of Food Grains. The Food Grains We Offer Include Indian Rice, Wheat Seeds, Sorghum Seeds, Millet Seeds, Indian Pulses, White Chickpeas, Maize Seeds, Etc.


Dehydrated Vegetable

 Dehydrated Vegetables Are Packed Full Of Vitamins And Minerals That Your Body Needs, Significantly When It Is Depleted From Long Days Of Hiking. Today, We Supply All Kinds Of Dehydrated Veggies Globally In This Competitive Market.


Dried Fish

The Fish Is Often Dried And Salted Before Being Consumed, As Its Meat Does Not Have A Distinctive Taste. After Drying, The Odor Of The Fish Is Potent, And It Is Usually Transported In Air-Tight Containers. The Bombay Duck Is A Popular Food Item In Some Regions Of India.


Mix Groceries

We Supply And Provide Every Grocery Item With Natural, Long Durability And With 100% Of Hygienic Packings With Also Liable Rates. We Focus On Providing All Kinds Of Groceries To Every Place With Complete Trust.


Sea Foods

Seafood Includes Vital Nutrients Needed For Health And Wellness At All Ages, Including Omega-3s, Iron, B And D Vitamins, And Protein. It Also Supplies The Nutrients, Vitamins And Omega 3s Essential For Strong Bones, Brain Development, And A Healthy Heart And Immune System; Thus, As India Is The Most Significant Part Of Seafood Supplying, Al Madina Serves All Kinds Of Sea Included.


Surgical Medical Items

As Surgical Medical Is Also An Essential Part Of Our Society, We Provide All Kinds Of Ranges, Mainly Gloves, Masks, Medical Kits, Hand Sanitizers, And Medical Bags, With Different Materials And Benefits.



Today Globally, Pharma’s Productions And Needs Are Mainly On The Top And The Most Significant Part Of Our World And Society. We Highly Focus On Manufacturing All Types Of Drugs, Medicines, Syringes And Huge Of Them To Provide Better Health To Our Community.


Wire Nail Machines

Today The Construction Department Has Been Touched Its Level Towards Sky And Day By Day The Demand Of Its Tiny Products Are Increasing. Thus We Also Manufacture The Wire Nails Machines Worldwide, From Which The Wire Nail Production Is Done With Guaranteed And High Durability Of Life Of The Devices.


Wire Nails

Nails Are An Essential Part Of The Construction, Which Has Been Used For So Many Centuries And Still Its Demands And Supply Is Unstoppable, So Here Our Team Al Madina Supply All Kinds Of Wire Nails With 100% Of Its Heavy Materials And Manufacturing As The Demand.


Submersible Pumps

Water Is The Only Main Element Of Human Nature; We At Al Madina Exim Mainly Focus On Agriculture And Farming. We Manufacture Water Pumps In Many Segments To Fulfill Water Needs In Agriculture, Farming, Home, Construction And Everywhere.



India Is Also Known For Its Heavy Fabrics And The World Of Uniqueness With All Kinds Of Details Work Fabrics And Textiles; We Supply All Types Of Materials And Textile Top To Last Of India.


Ceramic & Sanitary Ware

Ceramic And Sanitary Is A Part Of Society And Need Of Work Today. Morbi, A Part Of India, Is The Second-Largest Ceramic And Sanitary Ware Manufacturing Hub. With Its Richness, High Materials And A Long List, Team Al Madina Exim Provides You With Every Kind Of Requirement To Fulfill The Taste Of Tiles And The Sanitary World.



Scrap Business Is The Highest Business And Market Globally. Today The Shipyard Of Bhavnagar, India, Is The Most Prominent Place Of Scraps, And We Deal In All Kinds Of Scraps In The Export Market. With Vast Experience And People Working With Us In Different States And Countries Around The Globe.

We have always appreciated your knowledgeable service, competitive rates and also the personal communication with you all.  It is nice to be able to talk over queries on difficult destinations, regulations or customs requirements.

We have recommended your services to others, and have mentioned the personal interest and care you all take with our shipments.

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